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Phil Smith
twitter: @Warp_Phil
Fighting Lion Comics
Fighting Lion Comics Website/comic
Fighting Lion Comics Facebook
Fighting Lion Comics Twitter


A short list of my credits include:

Design, Collected Editions
The Agency trade paperback
Artifacts trade paperback volume 1
The Art of Marc Silvestri hardcover & softcover editions
The Art of Top Cow hardcover and softcover editions
The Art of The Darkness softcover edition
The Art of Witchblade softcover edition
The Art of Tyler Kirkham hardcover edition
First BornBroken Trinity deluxe edition
w/dustjacket, slipcase and poster insert
The Darkness: Accursed trade paperback volume 1-4
The Darkness: Origins trade paperback volume 1-2
The Darkness Compendium volume 1
Hardcover and softcover editions, 1280 pages
First Born trade paperback volume 1
Madame Mirage trade paperback volume 1
Magdalena:Origins trade paperback volume 1
Midnight Nation Deluxe edition
w/dustjacket, slipcase and poster insert
Rising Stars Compendium volume 1
Hardcover and softcover editions, 1280 pages
Witchblade trade paperback volume 1-8
Witchblade:Origins trade paperback volume 1-3
Witchblade Compendium volume 1 & 2
Hardcover and softcover editions, 1280 pages
…and more.

Design, Editing, Ongoing & Limited series
The Adventures of Apocalypse Al issues #1-4
Artifacts issues #0-5
Berserker issues #2-6
The Darkness issues #65-89
The Darkness: Four Horsemen issues #1-3
Dream Police issues #1-12
Echoes issues #1-5
Inarime chapters #1-12
Magdalena volume 3 issues #1-4
Protectors Inc. issues #1-10
Sidekick issues #1-12
Ten Grand issues #1-12
Tracker issues #1-5
Twilight Guardian issue #1
Unbreakable Valor issues #1-3
Velocity volume 2 issues #1-3
Witchblade issues #129-142
Witchblade: Annual issues #1-2


In addition to the ongoing Freelance, Writing, Graphic Design, Color, Editing and Pre-press services in the comic book industry I provide on a freelance basis I launched my own publishing imprint: Fighting Lion Comics (check it out by clicking here) launched at Stan Lee’s Comikaze in September 2012 with my first title; BRIK JONES: ATTORNEY FOR EARTH™. Titles and updates are available on the site as well as via a monthly e-newsletter.

In 2013 projects include starting work for writer J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5, Thor, Changeling) on the re-launch of his Joe’s Comics imprint as Production Editor. The first title Ten Grand sold over 67,000 copies in its first printing. Additionally I have freelanced for writer Robert Kirkman’s (The Walking Dead) Skybound Entertainment and BOOM! Studios. Pre-press for professional Athlete Israel Idonije’s comic imprint Athlita Comics with writer Ron Marz and artist Bart Sears. I have also done pre-press and design for the Indian Imprint Rovolt on their line of comics The Legends of Aveon 9 and more.


In 2014 work with JMS went strong as he continued to write some of the industry’s best comics through Image including Ten Grand, Sidekick, Protectors Inc., The Adventures of Apocalypse Al and Dream Police. I also had the chance to work on the Corporate sponsored Unbreakable Valor comic #1 by Panasonic which has been nominated for an Industry Award by PR Week in their Business to Business category.

I started work in the industry around 2001/2002 as an intern at Top Cow Productions Inc.. In 9 years I went from intern, to Trade Paperback Editor/Designer to Managing Editor. Before leaving I oversaw the editing and production of all Top Cow’s titles, and designed them. The most audacious print products I worked on were the 1,028 page Compendiums. My favorites were the Art of books including The Art of Marc Silvestri. I never counted, but I’m pretty sure I’ve produced a few hundred comics and several dozen trade paperbacks and logos.

I look forward to sharing Brik Jones: Attorney for Earth, Human:Oceanic and more titles to come with you through this creative outlet. Enjoy!

Live Long…and Prosper. May the Force be with you…Always. If you see Agents…run. May I come to Grok you in fullness. May you ride eternal, shiny…and chrome.



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Digital Color
  • Top Cow Holiday Special cover
    The Top Cow Holiday Special
  • ARTIFACTS #29 cover
    Artifacts #29, “The Geometry of Hell”
    Brik Jones: Attorney for Earth, The case of case number 69
  • Brik Jones: Attorney for Earth, Origins #1, volume 1
  • Digital Color01 Skinku Sketch #30
    Skinku Sketch #30
  • Top Cow and Pilot Season Logos
    Top Cow & Pilot Season Logos
  • Pilot Season: Anonymous, page 3 & 4
  • Ripclaw Sketch
    Ripclaw sketch
    BRIK JONES #1, pages 1-5